Request a MDEM Diploma

Replace your Master/Magisteriate of Arts (MA DEM) diploma with a Master/Magisteriate of Emergency and Disaster Management (MDEM) diploma effective June 2014

Effective with the June 2014 Convocation, the Master/Magisteriate of Arts (MA) degree designation will be renamed to a Master/Magisteriate of Emergency and Disaster Management (MDEM) degree. Alumni who received a MA degree in Disaster Management may elect to change their designation to a MDEM degree.

Alumni who elect to change their degree designation can expect the following:

  • A notation will be added to your academic record and transcript that the degree was renamed.
  • A new diploma with the MDEM designation will be issued to you using the diploma design and layout currently in effect; you may keep your original MA diploma.
  • To receive your replacement diploma within three to four weeks from receipt of the form.

Please note: during busy and peak times, such as examination periods and convocation as well as University closures, processing times will increase. Questions regarding your application should be sent to

Follow this process to replace your MA DEM diploma with a MDEM diploma:

  1. Please complete and submit a Request for a MDEM Diploma for MA DEM Alumni Form including credit card information by fax at 416-736-5444 or place it in the drop box in the lobby of the Bennett Centre for Student Services (the building is open 24 hours a day).

Please note: if you already have a MDEM degree designation (i.e. your diploma was issued in June 2014 or later) or if you have a MA designation and wish to order a replacement but not change your degree, fill out and fax a Replacement/Duplicate Diploma Order Form.

Your full legal name, as shown on the Student Information System, is what is used on official University documents, such as transcripts and diplomas.

Please note: you will need to sign in with your Passport York username and password. If you have forgotten your Passport York username and password, and want to re-set your access, please go Computing for Students.

If you were never given access to Passport York, please check the name on your MA diploma. If your official name is different to what is currently printed on your MA diploma, please complete the name change box in the Request for a MDEM Diploma for MA DEM Alumni Form and submit with the appropriate supporting documentation.

A request for a name change must be supported by original or certified/notarized copies of the following documents, depending on the reason for the name change.

  • Name change by marriage: Canadian marriage certificate or foreign marriage certificate (must be translated into English) or divorce order or judgment.
  • Name change by law: certificate or court order made under a provincial change of name act or under similar legislation.
  • Return to maiden name: birth certificate and valid photo identification (passport or driver’s licence).
  • Given name change: when given names need to be modified, valid photo identification (passport or driver’s licence), which provides proof of the modification, is required. These documents are not valid for other types of changes.

Forms will be processed for a fee of $80 not including mailing charges.

To receive your MDEM diploma you can either pick it up at Registrarial Services in the lobby of the Bennett Centre for Student Services during regular office hours or you may arrange to have it mailed to you. If you want to pick up your diploma in person, please ensure that you have photo identification with you. If you choose to have it mailed, mailing charges are:

  • $35 in Canada
  • $50 in the United States
  • $100 International

All diplomas are sent through UPS and require a signature from the receiving party. When York University ships your diploma, UPS will be provided with your e-mail address and they will e-mail you a shipping confirmation and tracking number. If there is no one home at the time of delivery, UPS will leave a card in your mailbox indicating that an attempt was made to deliver the diploma or certificate. The diploma or certificate will then be sent to a local distribution centre for pick up by you at a later time. Diplomas and certificates that are returned to the University as undeliverable will be filed and held until the next December or July (whichever is sooner). It is the graduate's responsibility to pay for another mailing for any diplomas or certificates that are returned, so please ensure that the address information that you submit is correct.